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Jan: Kati successfully defends her PhD dissertation!


Dec: Rob presents a paper at the fall AGU meeting in San Francisco

Nov: Kati's paper on the Delaware study accepted for publication in Aquatic Geochemistry

Oct: Prentiss' paper accepted for publication in Marine Chemistry

Oct: Mariame Coulibaly, a Fulbright scholar from Ivory Coast arrives

Sept: Mason et al (1994) receives more than 1000 citations

Sept: Former student UD has a paper published in PloS One

Sept: Former student Amina's paper on Lake Melville published in PNAS

August/Sept: UConn and Dartmouth groups sample sites in Wells, Maine

August: Rob and Nash have presentations at the ACS Meeting in Boston

August: Kati attends the Goldschmidt Conference in Prague

August: UConn and Dartmouth groups sample sites in Long Island Sound

July: Kati and Roni have papers accepted for publication in Marine Chemistry

July: Rob attends the GRC Chemical Oceanography Conference in New Hampshire

July: UConn and Dartmouth groups sample in the Delaware River

June: Most of the Mason Lab participates in the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Jeju, Korea

January: Rob attends the US Arctic Geotraces meeting in Miami

January: Emily takes the comprehensive exam and passes!


December: Rob presents at the AGU meeting in San Francisco

October: Sofi Jonsson arrives from Sweden on a two year fellowship

October: Zofia samples mangroves in French Guiana

August: Zofia Baumann becomes part of the mercury research group (http://www.marinesciences.uconn.edu/faculty/faculty.php?users=zob13002)

July: Emily, Prentiss, Nash, and Brian involved in mesocosm experiments as part of the NSF OHHI project

June: Rob presents at the Goldschmidt conference in sacramento

June: Rob and Emily attend the Gordon Research Conference on Oceans and Human Health. Rob is an invited speaker.

May: Nash completes her general exam and thesis proposal defense in Chemistry, advances to candidacy

February: Kati presents at the Ocean Sciences meeting in Hawaii


December: Brian defends his thesis proposal and advances to candidacy

November: Kati defends her thesis proposal and advances to candidacy

September-December: Rob on sabbatical at Woods Hole and Harvard

September: Mason Lab samples local sites in Stonington and Waterford, CT

August: Roni defends her Master's thesis!

August: Prentiss, Kati, Roni, Emily, and Brian sample Mount Desert Island

July-August: Rob, Prentiss, Kati, Roni, and Brian attend the 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Edinburgh, Scotland

July: Prentiss, Kati, Roni, and Emily sample Chesapeake Bay

July: Emily joins the Mason Lab

June: Prentiss and Kati sample Lake Melville

May: Susan defends her PhD thesis and graduates!

April: Rob attends ACS Meeting in New Orleans

April: Rob's book published: Trace Metals in Aquatic Systems

February: Rob external examiner, Umea University


October: Nash, a chemistry PhD student, joins the research group

September: The movie Mercury: From Source to Seafood launched

September: Rob attends the International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment in Rome and presents a paper

August: Amina starts post-doc at Harvard

August: Amina, Prentiss, and Rob travel to Lake Melville, Labrador to collect samples

July: Amina, Prentiss, Brian, Roni and Kati all participate in a sampling trip on the Delaware River  

June: Rob and Roni attend the Gordon Research Conference on Oceans and Human Health and make presentations

May: Amina defends her PhD thesis

May: Students make presentations at the Feng Colloquium at Avery Point

March: Amina, Prentiss, Roni and Rob make presentations at the GSA meeting in Hartford, CT

January: Rob returns to UConn from his position at NSF.


December: Rob attends AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

November: Amina, Susan, and Roni sampled water column and sediments in the Delaware River.

October: Prentiss, Brian, and Kati participate in Pacific Ocean cruise from Hawaii to Samoa aboard the R/V Kilo Moana.

July: Mason lab presents research at 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

June: Roni goes to Cape Town, South Africa to work with the Cape Province Department of Environmental Affairs.

Summer: Kati goes to Japan to participate in NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Intstitutes for U.S. Graduate Students program.

May 6: UD defends his PhD thesis!


August: Amina and Susan present work at ACS in Boston

August: Kati, Prentiss and Tristan participate in northwest Atlantic shelf cruise with Fitzgerald and Hammerschmidt lab groups.

August: Rob, Prentiss, Susan, Kati, Tristan and others participate in research cruise from Bermuda

July: Brian joins Mason lab

June: Tristan graduates from Wesleyan and joins the MIT/WHOI Joint Program working with Carl Lamborg's Mercury Biogeochemistry Lab.

January: Rob begins 2 year rotator position at NSF in Chemical Oceanography

January 10: Two new students start in Mason Lab. Kati Gosnell, MS from Univ Florida, and Veronica Ortiz, BS from Roger Williams Univ


Late December: Rob presents at AGU in San Francisco

December 9th: Terill successful defends her PhD thesis, and becomes Dr Hollweg

November: Terill officially becomes a Knauss Fellow. Will spend a year in DC working at NOAA

November: Rob serves on NSF Panel in Washington, DC

November: Rob attends HTAP meeting in Toronto

September: Amina chosen as Long Island Sound Science Advisory Committee Intern with a one year Fellowship

September: Cruise on New England shelf/slope with Tristan, Susan, Prentiss and Allan on board

September: Cruise from Bermuda with Rob, Prentiss, Susan, and Tristan on board

August: Amina selected for the 2009 Long Island Sound Study Science & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Fellowship Program

August: Gen returns to Montreal

July/August: Terill, Gen, Amina, Udonna and Alan sample sites in coastal New England with colleagues from Dartmouth as part of a joint project

June: Amina awarded an I-RICH Summer Fellowship to do mercury work on Long Island Sound

June: Allan begins working in the lab. Prentiss starts working within both the Mason and Fitzgerald labs

June: Rob, Gen, Maria and Susan participate in a 5 day cruise from Bermuda

June: Rob, Terill, Amina, Susan and Maria attend the International Mercury Meeting in Guiyang, China

June: Rob presents at a meeting in Taiwan

May: Maria returns to Gotenborg, Sweden to take up a position there

May: Amina takes her written Comprehensive Exams

February: Maria and Gen go on research trip to Bermuda. Maria there for 3 weeks

February: Rob presents at the SFEI Meeting in Oakland, CA


December: Rob attends and presents at AGU

December: Rob makes a presentation at a meeting in Taiwan. Visits research site of former student, Guey -Rong Sheu

October: Rob travels to Vietnam for the Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants (HTAP) Taskforce meeting and makes a presentation

October: Rob and Terill have presentations at GSA Meeting in Houston

Sept: Maria participates on a cruise at the BATS station. Also spends times collecting air and water samples in Bermuda.

August: Maria, Amina, and Tristan participate in a cruise in the coastal/shelf region of New England

July/August: Terill and Genevieve collect samples at Northeast coastal sites as part of the Dartmouth/Superfund project

July/August: Rob spends 5 weeks in South Africa with three students (Susan, Alex and Nikki) collecting samples and visiting universities as part of the NSF-International Programs funded study

July: Andrew Crouch and Shirley le Roux visit from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

July: Terill successfully completes her PhD Comprehensive Exams

July: Bian Liu leaves and starts a new position at the University of Geneva

June: Susan, Maria and Rob setup rain and air sampling equipment on Bermuda

June: Rob and Susan take part in a Geotracers Intercalibration cruise in the North Atlantic

May: Rob visits Korea and then China. Gives a plenary presentation at the 10th International Estuaries Biogeochemistry Symposium

April: Rob in Rome for a UNEP Fate and Transport Workgroup Meeting

April: Maria Andersson joins the group as a post-doc

March: Alta de Waal and Christiaan van der Walt visit from CSIR, South Africa.

February: Rob visits Sweden to act as external examiner for Maria Andersson

January: Rob attends UNIDO Mercury meeting in Bangkok